Each photograph is custom printed onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper using a Lightjet 5000 digital laser enlarger. Each image was shot with a Toyo 4x5 field camera using either Fuji Velvia or Fuji Provia color films. The transparency is then scanned with a Heidelberg Tango drum scanner. This digital file is brought into a high powered Macintosh computer where with Photoshop, a software application, any dust, scratches,or flaws can be retouched. Photoshop is also used to make basic color and contrast corrections, no different than would be done in any conventional darkroom. With digital printing, each individual color and tone stands on its own. And, digital prints are sharp! We can make up to four foot by five foot prints from our scans, with no loss of resolution or clarity. For our fine art prints, there are two options available: Fuji Crystal Archive prints which last 60 years (compared to 25 years for an Ilfochrome) and pigmented Gicleé prints (digital prints outputted to watercolor paper that last 150+ years). *Note, not every image is available for the Gicleé process. This paper lends itself well to soft lighting, pastel and translucent colors. Please inquire about their availability and pricing.